OK....we are a bit late.

The combination of a Bank Holiday and a VERY busy week has resulted in us being slack on the blog/tweet front.

So here's how we've spent 35-ish hours this week...

  • We are working on some really exciting things as part of our new pipeline, but what happens if the opportunities we are working on get trumped by new (and possibly more important) change requests? We've been working on a criteria for that which has been very painful but necessary. We'll post about it soon...
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  • What can we learn about behaviour change from Kenya? We've had an awesome session with the guys from Well Told Story who have flipped our thinking about seeing things from a user perspective, data analytics, marketing and social media. We'll be using some of their methodologies in our work going forward. Watch out for (another) blog post next week. 


  • Hype aside...what is the real future of the Smart Home? We can't name names on this one but we've had some seriously good conversations with a few companies who have helped us flesh out the potential of IoT, Smart Homes and Sensor Tech to Bromford. We keep coming back to "how is this technology really going to make the lives of our customers better?". We are getting closer to an answer so watch this space...
  • We're not really fans of the jargon of Social Prescribing (but we ARE fans of using technology to better connect people to each other) so it was great to chat to It's Elemental. More than 80% of the world’s chronic conditions can be avoided by lifestyle change alone, so we want to see how technology that moves people away from medical assessments alone can be integrated with the Bromford Localities Model.  Next steps: how and where to test. 
  • How can Innovation Labs better connect with Universities and academia? We had a great meeting with Professor Gary Crowe in which we talked about connected homes, validating our research, and a placement scheme for graduates interested in the field of innovation.
  • And finally.....Google Home arrived in the Lab. We've been testing Alexa so wanted to give the competition a try out. We'll let you know our thoughts!

Have a great weekend

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