Lab Planning #11 - What We've Been Working On

We've been quieter than usual - mainly as we've been fine-tuning our programme of work.

Go on, take a look...

Scoping Themes.jpg

Clearly this is a very wide remit but it has a purpose - we shouldn't be spending time exploring a concept that doesn't meet one of these categories. 

You can see from our Trello board that tests are beginning to form against these headings and we'll be sharing more specific detail as we go along.

The reality is that innovation is messy and often wasteful. The true path to success is not always the obvious one. A good innovation approach is constantly twisting and turning as it retreats from rabbit holes and opens up new avenues for colleagues to explore.

So this week we've been doing a lot of the unsexy side to innovation that is rarely talked about or acknowledged: preparing resources, test plans, impact assessments. All boring but necessary tasks if we are to make sure the organisation gets the full learning from any test or pilot.

With that in mind we really like this graphic from Board of Innovation on the Top 10 Skills of the Innovation Manager - for us it does a very good job of articulating the way we spend our time. It's not all Post-It notes and beanbags..!

See you next week..