If you type "Projects That Tackle Loneliness" into Google you'll get just over half a million results. There are a LOT of things being done.

Part of the remit of the Lab - in fact our number one priority - is to make sure Bromford are doing the right things. Tackling problems where we can add value - and avoiding ones where someone else could make a bigger impact.

There is a huge amount of duplication in the social sector - which is why we are delighted to be invited to an event that considers the question:

How are professionals from local government, social care, healthcare and the voluntary sector working together in tackling isolation? 

The event on Friday 20th May (tickets available here) has been arranged by i-Network and will feature our Lab Coach , Paul Taylor who will talk about what we've learned so far and how Bromford will combine our own work with that of others.

In an increasingly challenging funding environment we have to make every project count! We look forward to the event.