A fortnight ago we set a challenge to gather feedback using QRcodes to see whether customers would use them. There are 18 customers on our Switchee smart thermostat test and it includes a real mixed demographic of people.

We sent them a hand written postcard with the QRcode on the front and wrote that we'd be ringing all customers who hadn't given feedback digitally in a weeks time.


Out of 18 customers, 3 gave feedback digitally. That means 3 opted to engage with us when its convenient for them. Those that engaged were the customers I sort of expected to engage - the ones I had had conversations with about xbox or who got out their smart phone in front of me. They are all aged under 40 which does nothing to challenge any preconceptions about age.

There was one further customer who freely stated that they want to do it online but didn't get round to it which could point to us needing to give a longer window to allow customers to engage with us online.

From the results, its important to separate out those that didn't feel comfortable in using digital means from those that didn't get round to it or just don't want to give feedback so need a nudge.

To sum it up, it saved Tom and I 3 calls. Calls lasted on average between 5 and 10 minutes each so saved us 15 - 30minutes worth of extra work. And that's if we made contact first time. On a larger scale it starts to look quite appetising.