Car Park Mania

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said ‘Parking Fine.’
— Tommy Cooper

With government restrictions on the amount of parking allowed at commercial buildings, along with limited public transport options, the car park at some of Bromford's larger offices can be a bit of a sticking point amongst colleagues.

After a bit of a chat with our Head of Facilites, Tracy, we were informed about the amount of complaints recieved regarding parking, the lack of, and people being blocked in by cars. Tracy went on to tell us about the new initiatives her and the team are pushing out to colleagues to encourage alternative ways of getting to work such as the cycle to work scheme.

With the facilities team ready to tackle the problem we thought the lab might be able to find different solutions to test out and see if we could create a change. To do this we enlisted the help of anyone and everyone of our colleagues who wanted to come along and offer their ideas and opinions - we set up a swarm.

We advertised the event across our internal social media site - yammer- and the enthusiasm was brilliant. Instantly we had people coming up with ideas to change behaviour or provide alternative products and solutions. We had smaller incremental changes that we could test out really quickly - all the way up to the radical changes. On the day we had 20 colleagues come and share their lunch break with us while we brainstormed ideas.

Here are all the bits we came up with:

From this we are going to identify some small tests we can carry out - and if any of them work we plan to roll them out across further offices.

Not bad for an hours work.