What if we crowdfunded #ukhousing? #HseParty15


This session takes place 11.00-12.00 GMT 24th June at House Party and live online via @BromfordLab on Twitter

How come we are comfortable raising money for Comic Relief but not so prepared to fundraise for innovative local housing?

If we were starting from scratch in providing homes for lower income families, how would we do it?

That will form the basis of an intriguing session with Peter Hall. Peter is well known for his provocative posts that dare to ask the difficult questions.

Over to Peter:

Why should we expect all housing to be subsidised by the government?

Is there an opportunity to recalibrate; to digitally remaster the current system to provide ethically funded and run homes for all of those locked out of the housing market or trapped in insecure and unaffordable homes?

What if , instead of relying on government or local councils, this could be achieved via crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and/or philanthropy?

The cynics would say the costs involved are too great, but the facts below give an indication of the scope:

  • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding now generate £5bn of funding for business, charities and social enterprises per year across the globe – the largest raised being $84m ( and counting) for a video game!
  • There is a staggering £5,929bn of wealth located in the UK
  • Britain’s largest philanthropists gave £2.4bn of their own money away to good causes in 2014, and their charities have £19bn at their disposal to spend in future
  • The British public gave £10.4bn to UK charities in 2014 –  but only 4% of that towards ‘homelessness’. (In fact, the British public gives more to animals, overseas aid and religion than it does to housing and homelessness)

As part of this session we also want to explore how microfinance models and peer to peer networks could boost innovation at community level.  

The session is open for contributions and you can join live or post comments and questions below.

If you have a perspective and wish to help us build a solution - please let us know!