“Wicked problems”—ranging from malaria to dwindling water supplies—are being reframed as “wicked opportunities” and tackled by networks of non-governmental organisations, social entrepreneurs, governments, and big businesses.

The challenge is connecting the players and closing the gaps.

– William Eggars Global Public Sector Research Director at Deloitte

Next week we'll be announcing some changes to how the Lab works as we refocus our time. We'll be focussing 80% of our resources on a "wicked problem" and working in 12 week periods on attempting to 'solve' each one.  

This means the work of the Lab will become much more disciplined rather than the "anything goes" approach we started with. 

The 'problems' and 'opportunities' are ambitious:

  • Eliminate poverty
  • Make Bromford the most trusting organisation on the planet
  • Establish ageing as something we cherish rather than see as a problem
  • End Loneliness 

You can read our shortlist of wicked problems here. We'll be revealing the first one we'll tackle next week.

Have a great weekend