We were with the guys from HouseMark yesterday at the first session of their Digital Futures Club.

HouseMark have made the transition from a traditional benchmarking service to an organisation sharing best practice from the likes of Google, Apple and John Lewis. 

The day began with a fascinating session from the London Strategy Unit covering the future of the home , 3D printing and , yes, sexbots. Check the slides out - you'll love them.

We also spent time looking at the much heralded internet of things and the implications for housing associations.

One of the most interactive sessions of the day was where four digital entrepreneurs were invited to deliver 10 minute pitches to the audience.

See what you think of them: 

Your Alcove - pitched "safe-guarding on crack" a personalised all-in-one service for anyone who wants to live independently at home. They pull together technologies that work, look great and are easy to use. They challenged us with "What would care look like if Apple designed it?"

EnergyDeck - pitched an IOT platform that captures the entire range of energy data used by customers in their homes. Communities themselves can benchmark how they are running their homes efficiently. 

Vivid Tech - pitched a solution to all those times you sit in a call waiting queue. Their software revolutionises the customer experience by introducing a visual navigation on a smartphone - that keeps you appraised of your queue position and saves precious time.

Squirrel - pitched a financial wellbeing platform that empowers people to regain control of their financial lives. It helps people meet goals , save and offers them great partner deals that benefit them and their family.

The pitches went down a storm - and everyone was impressed by the combination of great tech , clear business case and commercial thinking. 

We are excited by all of them! Alcove are already in the Lab - and we look forward to testing the others.