Hello World! 

It's been a couple of months since we sent out Sugru, a mould-able plastic glue, to a handful of lab testers. The brief was simple - play around with it and answer some questions:

  • What applications did you find for Sugru around the house? 
  •  How did the Sugru hold over time - did the fix/mod break or not? 
  • Do you have any more inspiration for how to use Sugru around the home?
  • At £13.99 for 8 x 5g sachets, do you think this product is good value for money?
  • Any other general comments about the product

It was our first foray into this sort of product test, so we wanted to keep things simple. In reading through the replies, we also wanted to glean if any of our tester's fixes may have otherwise resulted in a call to our contact center. If these applications were evident, Sugru could be the first product to make it into a 'customer toolkit' - a range of items we can give to customers to get their tenancies to the best start and reduce incoming minor repairs calls for Bromford. 

Results from our participants were mixed, but it was clear that applications tended to be craft/hobby use rather than repairs. Where repairs were made, alternative products (in this case tile adhesive!) might have done the job better for cheaper. So, sugru might not be the best fit for a customer toolkit, at least not at the moment. We'll be relaying our conclusions - and the infographic below - to our home squad. 

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