We’ve now kicked off our Lab theme looking at Fuel Poverty.

It’ll run for about 12 weeks - wrapping up at the end of January.

We’ve had an initial scoping session with our colleague sponsors and now it’s over to us to form a plan and work with interested parties to develop it.

You can read the initial scope here and comment - but if you want the headlines:

Let’s keep this as close to customers as possible

Let’s not presume the outcomes

Let’s be ambitious but not forget that simplicity is key


One of the stand out discussions with the session was whether it was possible to design out fuel poverty by having predictive data of the families most likely to be affected. Then Bromford (or someone else) could work with them to identify the root cause and offer a solution.

What would be the minimum viable data needed to identify people at risk? What does a fuel poverty dashboard look like? Could we make it as simple as IFTTT? 

The first part of that will form the basis of our initial test - and you’ll see that develop over the next few days.

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