Killed it Dead.


ASB and Loneliness

Is loneliness something that can lead to anti-social behavior, and could we have a more holistic response that includes connecting the individual better with their community? 

Reason for Failure 

By the time ASB cases reach us, it's already too late and legal, often police action are necessary. Sometimes, ASB is associated with drug or alcohol abuse - so more serious interventions are needed. Killed after initial discussions

READ: Conversations with a Community Safety Manager

Community Builder

One of the best examples of killing it quickly. A two week test in which we deployed a colleague to find out the skills in a community and connect them together. 


Another role that professionalised community connections would not work. This needed to be part of everything we do rather than standalone. Full evaluation attached below.  


Squad Working

Although elements of Squad working - envisaged as a leaderless way of embedding innovation - have been very successful, viewed against the original concept and the measures we set - it's a failure!


Hierarchy got too involved at too early a stage. 



This befriending service for older people was well received but showed us that the real route to ending loneliness was to help people to rediscover their skills and passions - not provide them with a professionalised volunteer service. 


Poor problem definition and the initial opportunity was developed from an organisational point of view.