Customer Involvement

We want to include customers in the development and testing of new services to help us create ideas and concepts that solve the problems our customers may face and unlock their potential.  

We want to involve customers in helping us design new services by:

  1. Using feedback gathered in the customer feedback programme as a way of identifying problems or potential opportunities.
  2. By talking to customers to find out more about their problems, ambitions or desired lifestyles that will help us create user centered designs.
  3. Sharing early designs or prototypes with customers quickly, to get their opinion and find out if it’s worth carrying forward.
  4. Testing out new services with customers to gather their experience and measure whether the service is effective.  

If you're interested in helping us, please get in touch with our feedback team - there details can be found here - along with our Customer Involvement Statement. Sorry - but you'll have to be a Bromford customer, or closely related, to be involved with us through the feedback programme.