march 24th

There's been a lot of talk recently of makerspaces and the potential benefit to communities.

A makerspace is a community operated space where people with common interests - art, computers , tech , fixing stuff - socialise and collaborate. 

We all have lots of things in our homes that are broken, unused or just lying around forgotten. 

We've been wondering how quickly and cheaply we could assemble one.

So we did! We reckon a good one would include:

  • A 3D Printer
  • A tablet or internet connected device
  • A workbench and chairs
  • Lego
  • A 3D doodler
  • Some sugru 
  • A few books (like Howtoons)

And we reckon we could do it for about £1000.

When you think of the millions that have been spent on digital inclusion in the UK - wouldn't it be better to have a makerspace on every street?