The lab is the creative network of Bromford - a social enterprise specialising in support, housing and training.

You can find out more about Bromford and their work by clicking here!

 We think, break and rebuild ideas, and if we don't get it working within 12 weeks, we move onto something else. 



Most organisations fail to capture the ideas of their colleagues , much less do anything useful with them. 

We've been set up to capture as many ideas as possible - and to test them quickly. We encourage colleagues to fail more, as long as they fail fast. 


Bromford has a wide range of services that are used by many different types of customer.

We believe that by deep listening and working in a collaborative fashion we can unlock the potential in communities. 



We believe in open innovation - of combining the knowledge of our colleagues and customers with our networks.

That means Local Authority partners, Think Tanks, Universities, Entrepreneurs and influencers.